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English Teacher in China

Hear directly from an English teacher in China working at EF English First. Our teachers love working here, and when you join us, you’ll know why!

English Teacher in China

Alex Curry

My experience as an English teacher in China has been life changing. Everyday is an excellent learning experience. One of the best things about living in China is the way in which I am challenged to learn, grow, and develop in a positive way. The best part of teaching is making my students laugh, they get so excited when we spend time together. I’ve been working with about 15 other teachers from all over the world, which is a great experience in itself. It’s not just Chinese people that you meet, but people from all over the world. I think teaching is the best job in the world. The chance to teach abroad, especially the chance to teach English in China, is a calling that I think is the highest form of teaching. You’re not only representing your world but also accepting the differences of the world you’re in.

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