teach English in Dongguan

Explore Dongguan

Dongguan is a big city with a small town feel. It has a thriving nightlife scene which rivals that of any mainstream city. However, a short walk will land you in culture-rich neighborhoods, where you can explore and learn.

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Teach English in Dongguan
Teach English in Dongguan
Teach English in Dongguan
Teach English in Dongguan

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Dongguan is an active, family oriented city, with a strong sense of community. Whether you are out watching one of our basketball teams, swimming, hiking, or just exploring, Dongguan enables you to enjoy these activities to the fullest. Public transport in Dongguan makes living an active social life easy, whether you are getting to know your new neighborhood, touring the province, or exploring nearby cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.

Cuisine in Dongguan caters to adventurous eaters as well as those looking for food that is more familiar to their palates. It has restaurants that serve all eight of the different Chinese style cuisines, offering variety that will satisfy any foodie. Dongguan does not neglect the western community however, as there are many restaurants and bars that provide an incredible variety of western dishes as well as ambiance.

Why teach English in Dongguan?

If you are an avid sports fan, Dongguan is the city for you. Known as the “National Basketball City,” there are 3 professional basketball teams – one of which held the national championship 8 times in the past 10 years! Catch a game during your breaks from teaching English.

Dongguan highlights its rich cultural history by offering many attractions, including the Humen Bridge, Humen Naval Battle Museum, the Opium War Museum, Keyuan Garden and Yinxian Resort.

Dongguan is sometimes called the “paradise of nightlife.” This title stems from the many amazing bars and restaurants that are located centrally in every district.

Dongguan is host to over 15 annual cultural festivals, which are celebrated throughout the entire year. Some of the themes are tea, art and sports.

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