teach English in Shenzhen

Teach English in Shenzhen

Showcasing award-winning skyscrapers & the country’s finest dedicated green spaces, this is the city of the future.

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The Emerald City of China

Teaching English in Shenzhen means you get to experience living in one of China’s biggest not-so-secret secrets. In fact, many teachers who visit during their time in China pick Shenzhen as one of their favorite places to visit thanks to the traditional attractions (temples, gardens, etc.), hiking mountains and sunny beaches all within the city limits.

It’s a city practically made for ESL teachers abroad with thousands of exciting international and local dining options, from convenient fast food to luxury dining. With hundreds of clubs and bars to enjoy the city’s nightlife, it's known around the country for its local live music scene.

Why teach English in Shenzhen?

Shenzhen is a migrant city. Teachers will meet people from all over China and find a diverse culture thanks to massive foreign investment and some of the best universities in China

Tropical plants everywhere – mango trees and durians in the street, and beautifully colored flowers along every main road or motorway

Coastal city with easy access to over a dozen beaches, blue skies, and only 6 weeks of mild winter

High concentration of Mandarin speakers with no local dialects

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