teach English in Guangzhou

Teach English in Guangzhou

A city of intrigue with many layers to discover - from the underground arts scene to some of the country’s biggest city parks.

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Teach English in Guangzhou
Teach English in Guangzhou
Teach English in Guangzhou
Teach English in Guangzhou

The City of Flowers

As one of the most dominant trading posts in Asia throughout the past few centuries, Guangzhou developed architecturally with a mix of colonial European and traditional Chinese styles. Neighborhoods like Shamian Island and Liwan district blend East and West seamlessly together. Other places, like Tianhe, showcase China’s outstanding ability to build a beautiful and modern skyline.

Guangzhou has one the lowest costs of living in any of China’s major cities. Apartments here are brand-new but cheap, dining out costs a fraction of what it could cost back home, and transportation is inexpensive.

Why teach English in Guangzhou?

The Canton Tower, one of Guangzhou’s most easily recognized landmarks, was the tallest free-standing structure in the world from 2009 to 2011 and has a horizontal Ferris wheel on the top level

Life in Guangzhou moves at a slower pace thanks to its laid-back atmosphere, year round summertime climate and easy access to scenic areas in the surrounding countryside

The sub-tropical climate inspires a wild and exciting fashion style seen everywhere and available at many of the city’s clothing markets

The Chimelong collection of theme parks in Guangzhou has been voted one of the best attractions in China

In 2010, Guangzhou hosted the 16th Asian Games, organized by the Asian Olympic Committee

The Pearl River, which divides the city in half, is considered the starting point of the Maritime Silk Road

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