We’ve been around for over 50 years

EF Education First was founded in 1965 by Bertil Hult, an entrepreneur with a penchant for success and a passion for international education. Over the next 30 years, EF continued to expand globally and in 1997, EF opened a local English language training centre branch in Shanghai, China.

Since then, EF has expanded to over 60 cities in China, opened over 300 schools, and employed thousands of English language teachers.

We are opening the world through education. In fact, that’s our mission.

Since 1965, we’ve grown into a successful global company with over 52,000 employees, over 600 schools and offices in 50 countries.

Our culture

The first thing everyone notices when they join EF is our company culture. EFers share the same love for fun, adventure and teaching. It’s our people who make EF such a dynamic and fun place to work.

At EF we all believe in opening the world through education. We want to connect people from around the world, and break down the barriers of language, culture and geography that divide us. At the heart of this mission are our teachers.

About EF Kids & Teens

EF Kids & Teens is one of several businesses under the global umbrella of EF Education First. With 300+ training centers across 60+ cities in China, EF Kids & Teens focuses on offering the best language journey for kids.

At EF, we take huge pride in our students. Once you meet them, you will too. Our schools offer dynamic and fun environments, while our curriculum combines digital media with traditional classroom resources. We are also committed to the development & safety of our students.

Everything we do is designed to nurture a love for the English language. Our expertise and skills delivered by our teachers are what make us a passionate and successful company.

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