Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL)

Teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) has multiple definitions depending on who you ask, and where you search online. In short, TESOL is the practice of teaching English as a second or other language to students who are not “native” English speakers.

Today, the TESOL industry offers qualified and newly qualified teachers the opportunity to teach in their home country, or even teach around the world. Very few teaching positions offer the same flexibility on location, as well as career advancement in both the public and the private sector.

What is TESOL

What is TESOL?

As mentioned, TESOL stands for teaching English to speakers of other languages. On the whole, TESOL refers to teaching English to foreign language to learners who are not learning in their native country. Whereas, TEFL or ESL are similar acronyms which represent teaching English to second language learners, where the teacher is based overseas.
More recently, however, due to demand overseas, the term TESOL can and often does refer to international English teaching opportunities, as well as domestic. Further qualifications such as the CertTESOL and DipTESOL are examples of further TESOL credentials that are in high demand around the world.

Who can teach TESOL

Who Can Teach TESOL

Like in most teaching positions, you need to be qualified to teach English as a second or other language. For teaching positions in your home country, this would just require a TESOL certificate, CertTESOL or DipTESOL. Many positions may require teaching experience, but you will often find that you can get this by volunteering, or by finding a company that offers training from the outset.
To become an overseas TESOL teacher, there are more stringent requirements. These are often outlined by the visa authorities in the country where you would like to teach. As a general rule, you will need a TESOL (or TEFL) certification, as well as a degree in any field. For TESOL jobs in China, Russia and Indonesia, your also required to be a passport holder from either, the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand.

ntry Level TESOL Qualifications

Entry Level TESOL Certifications

The entry-level certification that all TESOL teachers need is the TESOL/TEFL certification. This accreditation offers an introduction to methodologies and theories of teaching English to second language learners. Packed with practical advice, the course ranges from 40 to 150-hours. This course is an essential requirement for teaching and must be completed before moving onto CertTESOL and DipTESOL.
CertTESOL equips trainee teachers with the necessary skills needed to excel in the classroom. Whereas the TESOL/TEFL certification can be done online, the CertTESOL requires more in-class training with more assignments that test your depth of knowledge, rather than your understanding of key concepts.

Advanced TESOL Certifications

Advanced TESOL Certifications

For experienced teachers who are seeking to advance their careers in English language teaching into more senior positions, there are two avenues that you can explore. The DipTESOL (Diploma in TESOL) is an advanced qualification equivalent to a master’s degree in terms of time taken to study, and professional knowledge developed. The DipTESOL can be both part-time and full-time, which means that you will be able to complete the course while working.
If you are looking to move from a teaching role to a management role, then you may be interested in the DELTM. This course is a diploma in language teaching management; covering more of the business side of the language teaching industry.

TESOL Job Openings

TESOL Job Openings

If you’re looking to launch your international TESOL career, or you are already an experienced teacher who would like to take advantage of further qualification sponsorship or advance to more senior positions, then take a look at our current job openings.
EF English First hires TESOL teachers year-round in China, Indonesia and Russia. All positions come with full training and support, competitive salary and benefit packages.

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