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Teaching English in Yuyao

Yuyao is a city that encapsulates the feel of China; a rapidly growing and developing society built on a rich historical and cultural tradition. Yuyao is home to one of the most ancient settlements in not only China, but the whole world. The Hemudu site is one of the first places to have cultivated rice and is one of the great sources of Neolithic history in China.

The people of Yuyao are steeped in the deep history of the locale, but they are clearly focused on the future. A thriving and rapidly growing economy has led to a very prosperous life for the local population. You can find a great many quiet places to relax along the river beneath the trees, but can also find plenty of exciting nightlife around the city.

By Chinese standards, Yuyao is quite small, but it has more than enough to do to stay busy and entertained. Getting around town costs as little as 8RMB in a taxi, which will get you to most places. Most teachers purchase a cheap bicycle or e-bike to explore on their own.

Yuyao is perfectly placed for inter-city travel with an international airport close by in Ningbo and several famous metropolitan areas within arms reach – the brand new high-speed rail can take you to Shaoxing (~15 minutes), Ningbo (~20 minutes), Hangzhou (~50 minutes) or Shanghai (~1.5 hours)

City Statistics

  • Population: 800,000
  • Public Transportation: 2 major train stations, dozens of bus routes & plenty of taxis
  • Language: Mandarin, local Yuyao dialects
  • Climate: Subtropical, with four distinct seasons
  • EF Yuyao opened in 2004

What Makes Yuyao Unique?

  • Considered a cradle of Chinese Civilization, Yuyao has a long and vibrant history to experience and learn about
  • Several rivers wind their way through town. Each branch is flanked by quiet and lovely parks and paths that afford a nice break to the weary. Yuyao is a UN-designated “Global Green City”
  • Yuyao is a transport hub for all of China – perfect for those teaching English with an explorative side
  • Varied nightlife. From big and flashy clubs to a quiet café/bar run by a friendly Italian expat, there is something for everyone here
  • Mountains and lakes abound to the south of the city. Spend your days off exploring the mountains and villages, swimming in Siming lake, or having a barbeque next to a waterfall
  • Yuyao boasts a great deal of variety in regards to food. Each Chinese cuisine is well represented here, and you could spend years going through some of their menus. Best of all, Yuyao is the capital of the yangmei berry, a delicious fruit that is ubiquitous in June and July
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