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Teaching English in Xiamen

From beaches, temples and offshore islands to the thriving night scene of Zhong Shan Road, there is so much to see and do on your days off!

The southern coast of the island is a continuous beach lined with palm trees and dotted with bike stands, kite surfing shacks and snack bars. The beach is a popular place for socialising, riding 3-seater bikes and flying kites.

Xiamen boasts a large selection of parks and gardens, each very expansive, exotic and peaceful. They are great for a quick wander during your breaks or a few hours’ hike in your spare time!

Endless shopping malls featuring western brands, cinemas and arcades are never without a McDonald’s and stand in stark contrast against distant mountain peaks and temples.

City Statistics

  • Population: 3.5 million
  • Public Transportation: 2 train stations, 1 metro line, 1 international airport, BRT (bus rapid transit), hundreds of bus routes & taxis
  • Language: Mandarin, local dialects
  • Climate: Humid subtropical climate
  • EF Xiamen opened in 2002

What Makes Xiamen Unique?

  • Gulangyu is a very special island, which is also known as the ‘Piano Island’ off the coast of Xiamen. With motor vehicles prohibited, it is a paradise of beaches. Ancient buildings and mysterious pathways wind around exotic vegetation, through tunnels and over peaks. It’s a great place to explore while you are teaching English in China.
  • Zhong Shan Lu (Middle Mountain Road) is pedestrianised for even more convenient shopping. It’s a great place to find Western brands, as well as cheap deals, valuable treasures to send home and to taste the best of Fujian tea.
  • Close to Zhong Shan Road is Xiamen University which claims to have the most beautiful campus in all of China. Rightly so as it’s located at the foot of green mountains overlooking beaches. It’s covered with landscaped gardens and stately gardens.
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