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Kunshan is a beautiful satellite city near Suzhou in South Eastern Jiangsu province close to the Shanghai Municipal area. Kunshan is small by Chinese standards with a population of 1.6 million people and is widely renowned for its approach to diversity and economic success. Those who visit Kunshan can expect a clean garden city with a thriving tourist industry. Those who are lucky to call Kunshan their home, can expect a forward-thinking peaceful city within in a stone’s throw of fast paced modern Shanghai.

When you are teaching English in Kunshan, you can enjoy a variety of food such as Suzhou style cuisine, famous for its soft sweet flavours, or you can enjoy a thriving Taiwanese food culture influenced by business people from Taiwan who temporarily call Kunshan their home.

During your stay, you will be able to enjoy a thriving nightlife around the city with traditional KTV venues, restaurants and street food vendors open till late. But if you really want to feel like a local, then head to Huanghe road. Here you’ll find Kunshan’s night hotspot with pubs, clubs and café’s. There’s plenty to see and do in Kunshan, and you’re never far from other amazing cities.


  • Population: 1.6 Million.
  • Public Transportation: Cheap city-wide Busses, large taxi network, high-speed train stations and plans for a metro line.
  • Language: Mandarin and Kunshan dialect.
  • Climate: Four distinct seasons.


  • Home of Kunshan diao, one of China’s eldest theatre arts.
  • Made of 9 smaller towns: Yushan town, Bacheng town, Lujia Town, Shanhu Town Zhangpu Town, Zhouzhang Town, Qiandeng Town, Jinxu Town.
  • Home to two major freshwater lakes, Dianshan and Yangcheng
  • Three famous water towns: Zhouzhuang, Qiandeng and Jinxi.
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