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Teaching English in Changshu

Changshu is an old traditional city in China situated in Jiangsu Province, China. It neighbours well-renowned cities such as Suzhou and Shanghai.

The city itself is very green. At the centre of the city is Yushan Hill, where visitors can find ancient temples, tea houses and an old stone wall dubbed, “the mini Great Wall of China.”

Many beautiful lakes surround Changshu, most notably Lake Shang Hu. Visitors and residents of Changshu can spend time relaxing, sailing or walking through some of the beautiful gardens situated nearby.

Changshu is also a bustling textile hub of China. This creates great opportunities for the savvy clothes shopper. It also has a nice mix of Western conveniences such as shopping outlets, bars and restaurants as well as the traditional Chinese eateries and outlets.

City Statistics

  • Population: 1.6 million
  • Public Transportation: 2 major bus stations, hundreds of internal bus routes & taxis. The city itself is very commutable.
  • Language: Mandarin, local dialects
  • Climate: Comfortable, with four distinct seasons
  • EF Changshu Flagship opened in 2011

What Makes Changshu Unique?

  • It is an ancient agricultural hub of China due to its healthy soil levels and access to clean water.
  • It has many natural landmarks situated inside the city itself.
  • There is a strong emphasis to keep China’s cultural past alive with museums, pagodas and an old town that is linked to the modern city centre.
  • Residents of Changshu enjoy its delicious foods and teas due to the city’s rich agricultural past.
  • New bars and restaurants add to Changshu’s up-and-coming nightlife scene after a day of teaching English in China.
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