English Language Students

EF English First caters to English language students of all ages and occupations. Different unique programs have been developed for each of the different language levels. Regardless of which student profile you teach English language to, you will be meeting and training the current and future leaders of the country in which you work.

Our teachers help English language students

English First has its own language teaching curriculum designed to meet the needs of students of different age groups as they develop. The EF curriculum is divided into four stages for English language students at our Kids and Teens schools. This allows our students to learn by engaging their own curiosity as well as streamlining their learning process with other students.  Adult students are typically professionals over 18 years old who are interested in expanding their horizons by mastering the language skills while pursuing their careers or university studies. With our cutting-edge English teaching resources, our English language students have the flexibility to learn both in the classroom and online in their spare time.

Kids and Teens Teacher
"I've been working with about 15 other teachers from all over the world, which is a great experience in itself. That's been the great thing about coming out here to teach English. It's not just Chinese people that you meet, but people from all over the world."
The world is waiting for you

Teach English, travel and work abroad with EF English First