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Our locations at EF English First are spread throughout Asia and Europe. Whether you seek the exciting dynamic of old and new in China, the cultured traditions of Russia or the southeastern zeal of Indonesia, there is an option that’s right for your teaching career with EF.

Teaching In China

Teaching in China

Imagine teaching English abroad in the world’s most populous country as it undergoes a complete economic transformation. Working with EF English First, China’s largest and most recognized English language training provider, you will be teaching the current and future leaders of China. Much is made of China’s growing world importance. As an English teacher, you’ll be able to form your own opinion of this economic powerhouse. Living in China could be considered one of the world’s greatest experiences! From delicious local foods to cheap travel to various cities, our teachers get to have it all while staying abroad for as long as they like. Click below to learn more about what it’s like to live overseas in China. Teaching in China gives our teachers the chance to experience the same career they’re used to while enjoying new surroundings and students who are eager to learn.

Locations In Indonesia

Teach English in INDONESIA

Indonesia is often portrayed as a paradise but there is so much more to it. Golden temples, bustling city centres and tropical foods are the staples of this massive archipelago. The images of palm trees, sandy white beaches and lush jungles are never too far away. However, Teaching in Indonesia offers our staff the chance to experience the beauty of working in a cosmopolitan environment while living so close to what many people dream of – tropical islands.

Teacher teaching English in Russia

Locations in Russia

Teaching in Russia is a modern experience. From the contemporary architecture in Moscow to the creative hubs in St. Petersburg, there is much to enjoy in the world’s largest country. Russia has some of the greatest history and cultural relics and music, arts and friendliness are key components of living in Russia. So while the past shines brightly here, everyone is always looking towards the future.

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