Teacher training at EF English First

Teacher Training at EF English First

EF English First places teacher training at the top of the list for improving teacher performance and we take it seriously. Our trainers are here to help you work better in the classroom, manage your duties effectively and brand yourself as a professional ready to tackle any challenge. Our programs will help you build your resume and advance your career.

Training that matters

Accredited and internationally recognized qualifications are available including the Trinity Certificate in TESOL (CertTESOL), the Trinity Diploma in TESOL (DipTESOL) and the English UK Diploma in English Language Teaching Management (DELTM). In addition, teachers can take the Cambridge Teacher Knowledge Test (TKT) as part of their development.

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Developing your career

Continued Professional Development occurs throughout the year in a variety of forms. Weekly centre meetings at your centre help ensure that you and your co-workers are excited and ready to work. Sometimes it’ll be a chat, other times it’s a short training given by your manager. Then there are the regional annual events like Teacher Forums, where teachers at EF English First share their best practices in the classroom.

Additional training

Distance Learning Courses allow you to improve your performance from the comfort of your own home. All of the classes, ranging from teaching grammar to training managers and everything in between, take place online. Our training managers have created special programs just for you that will help improve your teaching ability.

Chinesetown exists to help you bridge the gap in China. Online or face-to-face Mandarin lessons are available for you 5 days a week, in all abilities. Just starting out? Our survival courses will teach you anything from how to get a taxi to making sure you can tell a waiter what you can’t eat. Already a Mandarin pro? Keep practicing with our advanced level classes which include discussing office politics or training etiquette.

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