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You don't have to learn Chinese to teach with EF English First in China, but we have found that many of our teachers actively enjoy learning some Chinese. Before you come to China, it might be useful to learn a few phrases to help you get by or even take your Chinese to the next level. That’s why we offer free Chinese lessons to all our teachers, in class, or online.

Free Chinese classes

It can sometimes be expensive to learn Chinese, and we don’t want the money to hold you back. That’s why we have developed our free online Chinese learning platform called Chinesetown, which offers you the perfect introduction to Chinese and is available free to all EF’s teachers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never studied before, or you’re almost a native, Chinesetown has something for everyone.

Free Chinese classes in EF
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Learn online or F2F

Once you have accepted the job at EF, your recruiter will send you your login details for your free online classes. These classes range from beginner to advanced and can be taken online before you arrive in China, as well as continued once you’re here. Learning Chinese online is a great way to explore the language. Once you arrive in China, you will be able to apply everything you have learned to everyday life. Your classes will cover everything from speaking to the taxi driver to buying clothes or vegetables. If you are teaching in Shanghai, Beijing, or Guangzhou, you can also make the most of our free face to face classes. Make sure you apply today so you can start to learn Chinese and teach English in China.

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