What to Pack When Moving To China: Teaching English in China

Kids and Teens senior teacher and ambassador, Cassandra Welch, gave us some insight into what to pack for a year abroad with EF. Cassandra shares her list of top 10 items she recommends you bring to China.

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1. Pain Reliever/Vitamins. Even though you can find the Chinese equivalent to the Tylenol brand, you don’t want to have to take a trip to the pharmacy while your head is pounding!

2. Stick Deodorant. This item is very hard to come by. You might be able to find certain brands of stick deodorant in western stores, but might not carry the brand that you’re used to. If you’re used to spray deodorant, the good news is you’ll be able to find a variety of scents and brands in all supermarkets.

3. Chinese Pocket Book. You can purchase a Chinese/English language pocket book in most book stores before you depart on your adventure of a lifetime. This guide will come in handy when a quick translation is needed.

4. Makeup for your Skin Tone. Most stores in China will carry lighter tones of foundation and concealer. If you are loyal to a specific brand or color tone, we’d advise you to bring a few bottles with you to get you through the year.

5. Specific Feminine Products. While tier one cities are becoming more and more westernized and have access to a variety of feminine products, they’re still quite expensive compared to the prices back at home. We recommend you bring a large box or two of feminine products you’ve purchased on sale at your local Target or convenience store.

6. Eyeglasses/Contacts. Although there are optometrists in most major malls in China, it’s easier if you bring an extra pair of glasses, prescription sunglasses, and/or contact lenses that will last you a while.

7. Winter Coat. Do your research! Having a winter coat in the middle of winter in Harbin or Beijing is an absolute must.

8. Neutral Wardrobe. You’ll be able to purchase items of clothing when you get to China. But when in doubt, a nice pair of jeans or a grey t-shirt will work in most situations. Bring neutral pieces of clothing, and when you get to China, you can accessorize!

9. Khaki Pants for Work. This is a must if you’re a Kids & Teens teacher. You might want to bring more than one pair in case you get ink or marker stains on your pants (it happens)! Even if you’re going to teach Adults, khaki pants are a safe bet to wear with your business casual clothes in the classroom.

10. A Positive Attitude. This is vital to your success with EF and living abroad! Put on a smile and bring that positive energy abroad with you.


Are you ready to pack for a year abroad in China?

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