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Teach English in Sidoarjo and live and work on the north-east tip of the island of Java in Indonesia. Sidoarjo a business-oriented, industrial town neighboring Surabaya, and the second largest city in Indonesia. Its location proves to be the best of both worlds for residents.

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City of Pure Hearts

Sidoarjo’s small town feel cements its appeal among those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. However, its close proximity to Surabaya means that the creature comforts that come with a large metropolis are never too far from home.

This small city is a relative stone’s throw away from numerous tourist attractions and regional landmarks throughout East Java. Adventure seekers will feel right at home in nearby Mount Bromo and the blue fires of Ijen. History buffs will enjoy visiting ancient temples like Candi Pari. Teaching English in Sidoarjo will let you venture slightly off the well beaten tourist track, while remaining close enough to allow frequent visits to iconic locales.

Why teach English in Sidoarjo?

Mount Bromo – Arguably the most famous mountain in Indonesia, this peak is well known for spectacular views and fantastic vistas that are visible from its summit.

Pari Temple – This 14th century Hindu temple is not to be missed. It harkens back to Indonesia’s pre-Islamic history and is an example of pre-colonial architecture.

Ijen – The famous Blue Fire of Ijen is relatively nearby Sidoarjo and can be easily reached by car. These continuously burning flames will take your breath away, literally. The close proximity to a sulfur mine ensures gas masks are necessary for visitors who wish to venture close.

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