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If you're thinking about teaching English as a foreign language, then it's important that you make sure you have a TEFL qualification. TEFL qualifications are a standard requirement for most teaching positions around the world, so they are a great investment. No one knows this more so that EF recruiters Zach and Heather. In the video below, they explain what TEFL is, they cover the different types of certifications that you can get, as well as cost and their experiences. Make sure you watch the video and learn everything you need to know before you start your adventure.

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So in this video, we're going to talk about TEFL qualifications for teaching English. That includesthe costs, types of qualifications and what we each got out of it.

We're trying to eat at the dining car right, and we'd picked up this word “Su Cai” you can say that, and oh! Hey, alright, we're back, hi! So, my name is Zach, and this Heather, I'm Heather. We recruit for EF, err, today we're talking about TEFL.

What is TEFL

So what, what is TEFL? It's a word? No. It's not a word, it's an acronym. So TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, so what does that mean? Well, that refers to how a lot of students globally are now looking to learn English as an added language, and many more teachers are needed.

Yea, yea, definitely, so, this is also commonly used to refer to qualifications that you can get as a teacher, yes, absolutely. That starts at the foundation level with a TEFL certificate, right, or sometimes called a TESOL certificate as well.

Types of TEFL Qualifications

There's many levels of these, so you have; 40 hours, 60 hours, 120, 200, things like that. And then also, you can do online ones, and there's also in class coursesor both. Yea, yea, kind of hybrid ones. And then there's advanced levels that you can go into for more experienced teachers so that they can push the envelope a bit, definitely. So there's CERT TESOL, CELTA, DIP TESOL, DELTA, Masters in TESOL, you know, so there's lots of different areas that you can go through with that.

The Cost of TEFL Qualifications

The cost of a TEFL certification, a basic can range from two hundred dollars up to a thousand US dollars, which is quite a bit for that investment. With EF we can sponsor you to take an online Foundation TEFL course; yea, so while you're going through the visa process you can do that and the cost is covered by EF, so you don't have to worry about that. It meets the requirements that you need to get through to come and teach in China. Yep, so you can launch your career.

TEFL Experiences

That's exactly what I did, so I had been teaching for a little bit before I got my TEFL certificate, through, through EF and erm, and you know the thing there that was really nice, was thatit kind of confirmed things that I had learned the hard way. So that was really validating, I got that confirmation there that then were a lot of other things that I hadn't quite figured out, and it was really helpful to get me, really kind of picking up my teaching up to the next level, learning systematic approaches to things. One of those was giving instructions. I didn't realise that, so many times that an activity was failing was only because of the way that I was delivering instructions for it you know. Things like, ICQ's, remember those? Instruction checking questions, yes. Of course, yea, yea, so just asking ICQ's at the end of your set of instructions helps you make sure that your students understand what you're talking about. Yep, that was a big one for me.

So, I too have taken a TEFL course, err, there's a lot of acronyms within, within that field that you can learn. Mine was an in-person course though, and it was also sponsored by EF, but that is when I first came to China. I took the TEFL in China, a week-long intensive course, err, I did learn a lot from that, there were actually activities that I learned in the course that I used throughout the entire time that I taught. Like a robot activity that we did that I love with kids or with adults, it was super fun. I also learned a little bit about myself, as an explorer in the world and as a teacher, so you'll get a lot out of it for your students and for yourself.

Things To Remember

Yep, so, if you have any more questions about TEFL certificates or TEFL in general, you can definitely a question below in the comments section. Or if you're really one of those researcher types, you can watch a lot more videos by subscribing. Yep,or you can go, straight to apply. Yep, but you really want some more information first, so you can just go and subscribe. Or apply, or, just do both, subscribe and apply.

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