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Well known all over the world for its natural beauty and unique culture, Bali is consistently featured on many world traveler's bucket list destinations. However, Indonesia is so much more than just Bali. In our previous post, we highlighted our top 5 beachside and snorkeling hotspots. This time, we'll focus on cultural flashpoints and far flung natural wonders among Indonesia's 17,000+ islands. Keep scrolling to see our top 5 domestic destinations to visit for culture and nature.

Architecture in Bali
Surfing in Bali

1. Padang (West Sumatra)

Home of the world's most beloved food rendang, this culinary mecca is inexplicably under the radar of many international travelers. The city also boasts a unique culture and is the nearest port of call for the Mentawai islands, Indonesia's top surfing destination. Click here for some fast facts on this West Sumatra icon. Nearest EF center: EF Padang!

Local food in Padang (West Sumatra)
view in Padang (West Sumatra)

2. Ijen (East Java)

Ijen provides photographers the opportunity to document potentially some of the country's most arresting images. It plays host to the world's largest sulfur mine, the legendary “blue fires” and an active volcano. Click here for more info on the Nearest EF Center: EF Malang.

Ijen (East Java)
Ijen (East Java)

3. Jakarta (Java)

Indonesia's capital city is one of the world's mega metropolises and is well known for its massive urban sprawl. Regrettably, it flies below the radar of most international travelers as a potential tourist destination. This domestic and regional travel hub is a magnet for millions of workers from around the country, leading to a confluence of cultures found nowhere else in this world's largest archipelago. EF has 30+ centers in and around Jakarta, making this the top destination for most of EF Indonesia's teachers. Click here to learn more about Indonesia's most populous (and popular) city!

Jakarta (Java)

4. Medan (Sumatra)

Located in northern Sumatra, Medan has been heavily influenced by three distinct cultures: Indian, Malay and Chinese. Enjoying a cultural make-up similar to nearby Malaysia, this city boasts unique architecture, diverse culinary offerings and is the main jumping off point for forays into the Sumatran rain forest. Click here for fast facts on this North Sumatran highlight. Nearest EF center: EF Medan

Medan (Sumatra)

5. Bandung (Java)

Bandung was known as a hill station during the Dutch colonial days. Officials would head up into the hills to escape the heat of the plains below. Visitors today can explore historical colonial architecture, view mountainside vistas and hike to their heart's content. Click here for more info on EF's 5 centers in Bandung!

Bandung (Java)

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