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Customised teaching materials

What sets EF apart from other English language schools is our dedication to developing quality English language teaching resources and educational curriculum. For younger learners, our global product development team designs write and publishes its own custom series of textbooks with accompanying animation. For adult students, our team develops customised multimedia series to guide our English teaching curriculum.

Innovative computer-based resources

Our dedicated academic research team has developed advanced English language teaching resources that emphasise not only the practical skills of the English language but also build student's confidence through individualised exercises and activities. The result is EF's Englishtown™ system for adults and Efekta™ for children. The components behind the two systems are the same: teachers, online learning and real-life practice activities.

Access to the latest English language teacher resources

When you walk into an EF classroom, you will have a complete toolbox of educational materials and supplemental teacher resources to guide you in your teaching. In addition to our individualised education curriculum, EF teachers enjoy well-stocked teaching libraries and computer / online resources. For example, teachers in our young learner centres have access to EF's own Classroom Companion Unit, an online system filled with teaching ideas and activities to help our teachers be at their best.

Teacher led resources

EF English First proudly hire enthusiastic, dedicated and intelligent teachers. Teachers often enroll on distance learning courses which allow them to build up their portfolios. Distance courses cover, teaching grammar, teaching lexis, teaching phonology and much more. The work from these courses is then shared and made freely available online and on office computers. It is the dedication of EF's teachers that has led to an extensive library of teaching materials and study resources.

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