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Opportunities For Teaching Overseas

If you are looking for a new beginning or a new adventure, then teaching overseas could be for you. EF English First offers you the opportunity to travel to a new world and experience new cultures. EF will give you all the support you need to settle into your new destination, as well as adjust to teaching abroad. Once you're ready, the world awaits!

  • Teaching English in China

  • Teaching English in Russia

  • Teaching English in Indonesia

Launch Your International Teaching Career

EF operates over 500 schools, where we serve more than 200,000 students. With EF you'll have lots of opportunities. Opportunities to make new friends, travel and have new experiences. Teaching English overseas is a great way to develop as an international professional. You will be developing skills and learning to communicate with people from all over the world. In this global community, you will really get the chance to open the world through education.

Teaching Overseas Benefits and Salary

If you have never taught before, then don't worry. Most international companies that hire entry-level teachers offer full training and support. Therefore, in the beginning, it isn't always best to go for the highest paying position. Often, finding a company that will support your career at the beginning is probably the best option. Besides, depending on where you teach, you should be able to live comfortably on an entry-level teachers salary.

As an overseas teacher, you can expect the following benefits. Visa and arrival support, full training and onboarding, health insurance, housing and flight allowances as well as further training and professional development opportunities.

Teaching overseas with EF

After teaching overseas with EF, our teachers go one to do a variety of things. Some continue teaching abroad at an EF school in another location. Others move into the academic development arm of our organisation. For those who leave after a few great years teaching abroad, many go on to find their dream job or continue to study.

If you're looking for career advancement in teaching, then you'll have plenty of chances. You can enjoy promotion within your school or region. Your career path could take you to be a senior teacher, then centre manager or director of studies. From then, the world's your oyster. Many teachers go on to do great things inside and outside of EF. It all starts with an application.

How To Teach Overseas

Teaching abroad is easier than ever, you don't need to have years of teaching experience, as long as you have a degree and you are willing to train. Follow the steps below and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Submit an application

  2. Research the company that you would like to work for and the country you would like to work in

  3. Prepare for your interview

  4. Accept the job

  5. Get your documents ready for your visa

  6. Buy your tickets

  7. Pack your case and get ready!


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