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Teaching English in China is an amazing way to experience life in a different country, as well as build your teaching career, but did you know it can change the rest of your life? Stay tuned and keep reading for 5 ways an ESL job can shape your future.

Reason 1: You'll make contacts from all around the world

It's safe to assume that teaching English in China would give you the opportunity to make friends who are, well, Chinese, but what about South African, Irish, or New Zealander? English First hires teachers from all over the world. You could have colleagues from Australia, England, Canada, or the USA. The teachers at EF schools tend to become good friends and often spend their spare time together at dinners and other weekend activities. Can you imagine what your future travel plans would look like if you had a friend in each country? Hoping they have a spare couch; you could be saving serious cash on accommodation and getting a personal tour guide too!

Reason 2: Experience working in a successful, global company

English First is all about opening doors through education. We have over 300 schools in 60 different cities across China. No, you did not read that wrong. Three. Hundred. Schools. You could spend a lifetime traveling across the country, working in a different city every year (three lifetimes, actually)! EF also has schools in 107 different countries. Whoever said teaching gets old, clearly has never worked with us. Lifetime traveler, anyone?

EF is a sponsor of the Olympic Games. We've provided English learning opportunities to volunteers, athletes, and workforce so that they can experience the Games fully immersed in a cohesive, universal language.

We don't stop there, either. EF cares about giving back so much that we've created the EF Global Classroom Foundation. Through our foundation, our team has provided support after disasters in the USA, Japan, Haiti, Indonesia and others. We also work towards creating better learning opportunities for the underprivileged. After the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal, we sent a team to build a secondary school. It opened in early 2018. Now this is some international work experience you can be proud to put on a resume.

Reason 3: It's a strong job market

English teaching is a billion-dollar industry, and China is where it's at for teachers. Job stability is high here and the Chinese people respect teachers for paving the way for them in the international markets. China is always looking for more teachers, so your friends can join you on your adventure, or if you want to come back after a visit home, you can be sure an ESL job will be available. Not to mention, the cost of living is low, so you can make money, save, and still have cash on the side for all your weekend… “adventures”. Oh, and remember that university loan you still need to pay off? Has the travel bug bitten you? EF's salary has got you covered for it all.

Reason 4: Learn a foreign language. For free

EF offers its teachers free Mandarin classes, so you can come back home bilingual. How's that for a resume buffer? If classes aren't your thing, our teachers are graciously willing to practice with you, or take you out for a bite and help you order your first meal. Studies say that learning a language comes easiest when immersed in it, so why not take advantage of Chinese culture and make a few local friends?

Reason 5: Fantastic travel opportunities

Remember reason #3, when we mentioned being able to travel? China is a convenient base to jump to other nearby Asian countries. Whether you're planning a three-month southeast Asia backpacking trip, or just to Thailand for a long weekend, you will save bucketloads on airfare being so close. For the record, we hear Mudfest in South Korea is quite the event. Round up your new, international teacher buddies and plan a trip around the world together. Imagine the stories you'll have, and international experience looks amazing on a CV.

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