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Everyone who went to University goes through the realisation that they have to step out of their student bubble and into the real world. A lot of people are unsure what to do after graduation, with ideas of their dream graduate job, and fantasies of travelling on their horizons.

With competitive internships and graduate jobs offering little income, it's not surprising that many people choose to move countries to teach English after University. Living and working in China is a way to travel and have fun while making money and learning to understand a different culture. Here are a few reasons why you should make the step to move abroad after graduating.


As an EF teacher, you can get paid to travel! Your schedule means that travelling on your days off is easy, as opposed to many graduates who work 40-50 hour weeks and have little time to do this. China has many surrounding countries that are quick, cheap and easy to get to, as well as some incredible sights just a few hours away by train to discover on the weekends. It's easy to see why people choose to move here!

Life Skills

Living and working in a different culture will change your perspective in a good way and can teach you some valuable life skills (which are recognised by future employers). Cross-culture communication, money management, independence and learning a new language are all skills that living in a new country will teach you.

Broaden your Social Circle

You'll meet people from different countries that you almost certainly would not have met otherwise. These people will become your family away from home, and you'll start to wonder how they were never in your life before!

Have Fun

The challenges of living abroad are always matched with fun; travelling, making friends and working with different nationalities always end up contributing to experiences you'll never forget!

Appreciate a Different Culture

By moving to China as a teacher, you will be able to experience and understand how other people and families live and what their values are. Understanding differences is an essential element to living abroad – and it'll make you appreciate the home culture you come from!

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