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You're young. You've just finished your university degree, and you're looking to head out into the big wide world. Maybe you're carrying the unenviable burden of crippling student loans that didn't really seem a problem until now. You might be working odd jobs with horrible hours and a salary that means you'll have to move in with mom just to stay alive. It's all a little scary, we know. Let's not drown in our sorrows – there are golden opportunities awaiting you abroad!

Taking a job abroad always seems like a drastic step. The truth is, it is. By far and away the toughest part to deal with is being away from your family and friends. Grandma's apple pie starts becoming the foremost thought in your mind. If you were honest with yourself it wasn't all that great, but at least she could speak English – unlike anyone else in this country!

In reality, you'll usually find yourself working together with an international team. They're having the same problems as you are – the beauty is you can share your pains together, and your new co-workers will often take the place of the family and friends you miss so much back home. Jobs for expats come hand-in-hand with a homey vibe created by the expats themselves.

The world's top professionals choose jobs abroad, and they get paid big time. In many Asian countries, simply having a foreign face at a company means lucrative contracts and endless bragging rights. Here are some of the top positions for international employees.

5. Engineer

Being an engineer

Dubai and Hong Kong have become the Mecca for the world's most qualified engineers. Big oil money and a booming economy means that these are some of the world's most valued international jobs.

4. Doctor

Being a doctor

Doctors too are highly valued. They've come out a top Western university, with knowledge and techniques that overseas hospitals froth over. Like engineers, overseas companies need you to show them that you're more qualified than a local – you'll need to have a few decades under the belt.

3. Chef

Being a chef

Everybody loves food, and since variety is the spice of life the increasingly globalized populations are craving delicacies from parts unknown. As a result, top international chefs flock to metropolitan cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo or Moscow.

2. Businessman

Being a businessman

Then you get the business people. Rich, but looking to get richer expanding their already lucrative business overseas.

There are common dominators here, but luckily you don't need to be a mathematician for the university graduate's number one life hack.

1. English teacher

Being an english teacher

You only need to be willing to hop on a plane to embark on an epic adventure. If you can't do – teach, and there are awesome expat jobs working as an English teacher.

You don't need to be a top professional in your line of work, and English schools in Asia value recent university graduates who are young, enthusiastic and open to stepping into a world unlike anything they've seen before. The best part is – it doesn't matter what field your degree is in, or how much experience you have.

Schools, like EF English First, offer professional training that enables to step into your first class feeling confident and ready for the challenge that awaits. If you love to travel and explore new faraway places, working as an English teacher is the ideal international job for you.

You'll work together with a foreign crew, meet interesting new people and delve into the depths of fascinating unknown cultures. With loads of annual leave days plus national holidays, you will have enough time to explore wherever your heart desires! Asia is not known to be short of exciting holiday destinations.

Whether you're slurping down a bowl of Pho in Vietnam, enjoying a sumptuous bowl of Pad Thai in Thailand, or feasting on some crispy roast duck in China, Asia always offers up a veritable feast for the taste buds. As jobs overseas go, Asia's stunning cuisine may mean you'll never want to leave (a common occurrence!).

The schools offer fantastic support, and do their very best to make your transition as smooth as possible. They assist in finding apartments, obtaining SIM cards, setting up bank accounts, and anything else you need a hand with. Don't be scared – they've got your back! Before you know it, you'll be ready to hit the streets and explore your new home.

What about the job? Asian children are probably the cutest in the world. They're hard working, respectful and obedient. They're also highly entertaining, and you have the added blessing of watching them grow and improve in front of your eyes.

Teaching English is one the most popular jobs abroad for a very good reason. You'll find your overseas job to be an intensely rewarding experience – one that you'll treasure forever.

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