After Your Application

After your application

EF schools in China

Thank you for your application

Please read through the steps below in detail so you know what to expect after you apply.

Wait for call or text

If you meet the requirements to be a teacher, we will contact you for an interview within 72 hours via email or call. Please be sure to check your junk mailbox and watch your caller ID screen for unfamiliar numbers; this may be us!


For your online video interview, please make sure you dress as you would for a face-to-face interview. Additionally, do your homework and be prepared with questions; we’ll be happy to answer them.

After your application at EF
teacher onboarding and orientation

Follow EF & discover

Be sure to follow EF English First on social media. Please click on the icons at the bottom to discover what it’s like to be an EF teacher.

Prepare to arrive in China

You’ll hear from us within 2-3 business days if we’ve decided to offer you a teaching position. At this time, your recruiter will go over the next steps with you.

Onboarding & Orientation

EF has lots to offer and is a place where you can be a part of a community of like-minded people. Think about if you’d like to partake in our free Chinese classes, sign up for certifications and training courses, or attend our many free teacher events.

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how to become an English teacher in China

How it works

What we offer, teaching requirements, how to become a teacher & our application process

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We’ve been around for 50+ years. Since 1965 we have grown into a successful global company