Where To Go Shopping When You Arrive In China

Fast fashion global brands are trendy cheap and have that foreign enticement attached to the
tag. These types of brands made their way into China in the early 2000s and have shown no signs of slowing down expansion. Join us today as well we will show you around three of the world’s most popular fast fashion brands right here in China.



This is a Swedish international clothing brand that has 240 stores here in China that cater for men women and children. Compared to other brands in China the sizes at H&M are much bigger. Western-style H&M is usually better organized than a lot of other Chinese stores so you can really find exactly what you need where you need it. H&M also has big fitting rooms so if you need some extra space H&M is a good place to go. Additionally, H&M also have a program where you bring in old clothes to recycle. You can give them to them, and you get a 15% voucher back which is cool.



A Spanish brand owned by the world’s largest apparel retailer the Inditex group this group also owns brands like Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, and Bershka.
Here at Zara you can find a fashionable dress also it’s easy to get pants and shirts for work if you can’t find the right size or style in a physical store you can get on the ZARA app. what’s more
there are all kinds of shoes like high heels and leather shoes for men.



A Japanese clothing fashion brand it’s really famous throughout Asia. It’s pretty much in every Asian country and it has over 1,800 stores worldwide. Uniqlo clothes sizes are normally smaller for Westerners so make sure you try them on before you buy. Uniqlo has really good quality for a very cheap price. Uniqlo specializes in a basic comfortable and simple design that many people like. While some people may like to go to the Physical stores and try on clothes it is also convenient to know that all these shops have a store on Taobao online like Amazon back home.




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