Jason Zhang

Regional Trainer, Beijing

Jason Zhang’s from Harbin in Heilongjiang province. He joined EF in 2012 and started as a local teacher. He enjoyed trialing out new ideas in his classes and sharing them with his peers. After 6 years of teaching and training in the center, he started to help out with the CertTESOL TP observation and quickly became a Cert observer. Jason took his new role as the Regional Trainer in 2018 located in Beijing. He likes his new position. Of all work he needs to do, he enjoys developing and delivering training sessions the most.

Jason’s gym membership has never served him for more than 2 months. Luckily, he finds his ‘true love’ – Krav Maga, a military self-defence and fighting system. Hoping that he can lose weight one day, he managed to survive multiple training sessions. His biggest dream now is to work and travel at the same time in an RV.





Cambridge CELTA

Cambridge IDLTM

Trinity DipTESOL


segmental phonology

suprasegmental phonology

krav maga