EF Certificate in Teaching Grammar

EF Certificate in Teaching Grammar (Modules 1 -2)

Course duration: 5 weeks per module

Group size: Up to 20 participants

Delivery: Online via Motivis

Certification: 20hr EF teacher training certificate, per module (4-5 hours a week for five weeks)

Eligibility: 6+ months working as a Kids and Teens teacher at EF China

Module 1

This is aimed at teachers who might be wanting to take CertTESOL/CELTA within the next year, and/or want to learn foundation principles of teaching grammar. You will learn about:

  • Grammar Terminology

  • Inductive vs Deductive teaching

  • Ways of presenting grammar clearly (timelines, sentence analysis)

Module 1 Assessment: Training plan for peers in your center.

Module 2

Module 2 is aimed at teachers who have already done Module 1, or have CertTESOL/CELTA already and are intending to do DipTESOL within the next year. It covers some further principles of grammar teaching including:

  • Scaffolding and schemes of work

  • Error Correction

  • English as a lingua franca

  • Prescriptivism vs Descriptivism

Module 2 Assessment: Training plan for peers in your center.

How to Apply

Apply for Grammar courses in OMNI People. See the link here for a guide to this process: Distance Course Application Guide

This course is highly recommended if you are interested in learning more about teaching grammar, and for those preparing to take the EF Trinity Certificate or Diploma in TESOL.

The EF Certificate in Teaching Grammar gave me the opportunity to take a deeper look into grammar by debating and sharing experiences and materials among the members of the course. I have learnt a lot from my peers and it was definitely helpful to receive constructive feedback from other experienced teachers as well as our tutor.

— Azahara Soler, Teacher