EF Certificate in Learning Through Play

EF Certificate in Learning Through Play

The Bright Sparks course has a stronger focus on play as a natural way in which kindergarten-aged students learn.

The new ‘Learning Through Play’ distance course will introduce you to a number of different play-based approaches to teaching your very young learners and help you decide what is achievable in your own classroom. You will discover new ways to make your lessons engaging and motivating while still focusing on meeting course aims.

The course will take about 4-5 hours per week, for 5 weeks, including a reflective journal project that you will also be able to share with your colleagues.

Course duration: 6 weeks

Group size: Up to 20 participants

Delivery: Online via Motivis

Certification: 20hr EF teacher training certificate


  1. Participation throughout course

  2. Peer Reviews of final assignment

  3. Final Assignment Essay about using play-based approaches in your EF lessons.

How to Apply

Apply for this course in OMNI People. See the link here for a guide to this process: Distance Course Application Guide


This course is for teachers:

  • With at least 6 months ESL experience.

  • Who are willing to spend 4-5 hours (or a bit longer for non-native English speakers) of your professional development time a week on this course for 6 weeks.