Introduction to EF Distance Learning Courses

EF run a series of fully online distance learning courses, to help EF teachers develop skills in teaching and management. These courses are each either 6 or 10 weeks long, and require 3-5 hours of work per week.

You can see more information by clicking on the links below including a video introduction. For information on individual courses, select the courses you are interested in from the three drop-down menus above: 'Teacher Distance Courses', 'Manager Distance Courses' and 'Accredited Courses'

If you are a DOS or team leader wanting to know which courses are best for the teachers in your team, then see the PDF guide below to the aims of the distance courses and how they fit with PRM criteria, and also the video guide to supporting your team members on distance courses.


EF’s distance learning courses all use asynchronous communication (discussion forums with a one-week deadline for posting in), mostly based around group discussion. This lets you fit the course tasks around your own work and life. Some tasks will ask you to discuss new ideas with your peers; others to apply ideas in your own work and reflect on them. There are also quizzes and e-learning content to help you digest more complex ideas.

As well as commenting on other’s posts, you may also work in pairs or small groups to create a resource or presentation or compare your ideas and learn from each other.

After each week’s tasks, your tutor(s) will provide individual feedback on your posts in Motivis, and usually a summary email of the week’s ideas and learning as well.

At the end of most courses there is a final written assignment, usually in the form of an academic essay - though don’t worry if you haven’t done much essay writing recently: guidance and a template for writing in will be provided. The reason for this kind of assignment is that it lets you bring together ideas from the whole course to plan a lesson or project and reflect on its success.

You will then do peer reviews to help each other edit and improve your essays before the final submission to your tutor(s).