Trinity CertPT (Certificate for Practicing Teachers)


The Certificate for Practicing Teachers (CertPT) is a new course from Trinity for teachers who already have some teaching experience. Its focus is on helping teachers to think more about their teaching practice and continuous development. It is positioned at Level 6 of the UK national Qualifications Framework, putting it between CertTESOL and DipTESOL.

Unlike those two qualifications though, TRT’s CertPT has three distinct features:

  • It is fully online, so the whole course can be taken from the city you are based in and scheduled around your life and work.

  • Assessment can be done in either English or Chinese The focus of CertPT is on reflection and classroom practice rather than the English level of the teacher. Therefore, even though the course itself is all in English, course assessment can be done either in English or in the teacher’s first language. For this TRT course there is the option of either English or Simplified Chinese.

  • It is tailored to the teaching context of the teachers taking it. TRT’s course will focus on teaching young learners.

Trinity CertPT Key features

  • Taken over 11 weeks, including assessment

  • 100 hours (including 30 tutor-led guided hours and 70 self-study hours)

  • Assessed by a portfolio of 4 essays

  • Fully online.

Note that although there are no formally observed lessons on the CertPT course, the focus of the course is still very much on practical application of ideas in your own teaching, and reflection on how to develop your teaching skills.

Applying for CertPT

Currently, TRT’s CertPT course is available only for teachers in EF Kids & Teens Franchise centers.

To apply, first make sure you have one of the following:

  • CertTESOL/CELTA plus one year teaching experience, or

  • Two years teaching experience

Then talk to your managers (line manager and Center Director) to get approval from them for your application.

See course dates below and click on ‘apply’ to begin the online course application process.

To apply for CertPT, after talking about your application with your manager, click on the 'apply' button to download the application form. Fill it out and send it to


  1. Principles Related to Early Years Education

  2. Applying Principles of Second Language Acquisition

  3. Motivation & Classroom Management

  4. Developing Young Learners’ Language Skills

  5. Activities for the Young Learner Classroom

  6. Adapting Materials

  7. Creating Materials

  8. Assessing Language Learning

  9. Tools for Reflection and Ongoing CPD

  10. Assessment (in either English or 简体中文. 750-1000 words per assignment)

(i) Resource Evaluation

(ii) Adapting a Resource

(iii) Creating a Resource

(iv) Evaluating the use of (ii) or (iii)