TESOL stands for teaching English as a second or other language. TESOL jobs offer qualified and newly qualified teachers the opportunity to work almost anywhere in the world.

As a TESOL teacher, you can expect to earn enough to live comfortably in a foreign country, travel and even build a rewarding career in a fast-growing industry. EF English First has job vacancies year round in some of the world’s largest TESOL markets.  Join us in China, Russia and Indonesia and discover a rewarding teaching job abroad.

TESOL Jobs at EF

As well as offering TESOL jobs in over 60 cities in China, and multiple cities in Russia and Indonesia, EF is also dedicated to providing full support and training. From the moment you apply for a job with EF, our recruitment team will be on hand to guide you through the application process. From the initial phone call, right up until you arrive in your new country, they will offer you guidance and support so that you can secure your legal working visa.
Once you arrive with EF, you will be offered every opportunity to learn and develop. We offer training for new teachers in their first few weeks, as well as ongoing training in your new school. If you want to enrol in further qualifications, we offer sponsored training courses so that you can develop professionally.


Most TESOL jobs around the world require you to have some form of teaching qualification. For TESOL jobs in China, Russia and Indonesia, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree and TESOL/TEFL certification.
If you already have a 120 TESOL/TEFL certification, you should be ready to take the leap and start your new job. If you haven’t, then don’t worry! EF English First will sponsor your qualification, so you don’t have to worry about certification costs.


One of the biggest advantages to starting a career in TESOL is that you can teach almost anywhere in the world. Currently, EF has TESOL jobs in 3 of the largest ESOL markets; China, Russia and Indonesia.
China is by far the largest and the most attractive in terms of size and opportunity. All TESOL jobs in China come with competitive local salaries that will allow you to live comfortably, save, and even have some left over to travel in your free time.
Russia and Indonesia also offer great benefits such as local salaries and travel opportunities, but with fewer positions, these jobs are much more competitive.

The world is waiting for you

Teach English, travel and train with EF English First.