At EF we’re passionate about teacher development, training and helping our teachers get the most out of their experience in China. TEFL testimonials from our teachers remind us why we love doing what we are doing, and why teaching English as a foreign language is the greatest job in the world.  Follow our teacher’s stories and learn more about their motivations for coming to China, and joining EF. As well as the adventures they have been on since arriving here.

TEFL Testimonial

Jake Gerber

Jake Gerber is one of EF’s senior teachers in Shenzhen. His journey started when he was thinking about teaching ESL abroad, and a friend recommended EF. Jake has enjoyed his experience at EF as well as in China. He enjoys seeing his current and former students use English confidently to communicate in their daily lives and open up their lives to new job or study possibilities. Jake enjoys travelling around China when he can, and one of his favourite moments was his trip to the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an.

TEFL Teacher Testimonials

Christina Linane

Christina works at the EF English First Online Center in Shanghai. She jumped at the chance to come to China for a year to teach English at EF because she knew she would be doing something that she loves in an exciting city. Over a year has passed since Christina arrived in China and she is still teaching at EF, living in China and enjoying her experience at the online centre.

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