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TEFL in China is a booming industry employing thousands of English language teachers every year from across the globe. It is estimated that up to one-fifth of the population is currently learning English in China. The demand for English is for all ages, meaning that teachers can teach kids and teens aged from three to eighteen, or adults online or face to face.

Due to the size of the TEFL industry in China, teachers can now find jobs in the largest cities, as well as the most remote. Currently, EF English First has over 300 schools across 60 Cities in China which means that you will be able to find the right city for you.

As well as travel opportunities, and the ability to choose where you teach, there are also many different avenues to explore in the industry which will allow you to develop as a professional. As a TEFL teacher, you can go from Senior Teacher to an education manager. Or you can enjoy opportunities in marketing, recruitment and courseware creation in the industry. TEFL in China is the perfect way to launch your overseas teaching career or have a fun year abroad.

About TEFL in China

About TEFL in China

It doesn’t matter if you are new to TEFL, or you have years of experience. The TEFL industry in China caters for people from all backgrounds as long as you meet the visa requirements.
If you are new to teaching, then one of the first things you will have to do to become an ESL teacher in China is become TEFL certified. TEFL certifications prove to your employer and the Chinese government that you have an understanding of the principles of foreign language teaching. By the end of the course, you will be able to plan lessons and you will have the foundation to start your training before you teach. These courses vary in price, but sponsorship is available with EF.
If you have a TEFL certificate already, then you are pretty much ready to go. But, if you are interested in taking further qualifications in language teaching, then these are available in China and at EF.

English Language Schools in China

Where Can You Teach In China?

In China, the ability to speak English can drastically improve a person’s chance of getting a high paid job or being able to study abroad. For this reason, English teachers can find teaching positions many in cities across the country.
In the past 20 years, EF English First has become one of the most known and well respected English language companies in China. This has allowed us to expand across the country. When you apply to teach English with EF, you will know have more choice than ever. You can choose to teach in Harbin in the north, right the way down to Changsha in the south.

TEFL teaching Benefits and Salaries

Salary and Benefits Packages

TEFL teachers’ salaries in China can be differ based on the city that you teach in, as some of the bigger cities like Shanghai or Beijing have higher costs of living.  On the whole, ESL teachers earn enough to enjoy a good standard of living, being able to eat out, travel and even save depending on your lifestyle.
As well as offering a competitive local salary, you will also be able to enjoy other benefits as an English teacher at EF. As part of your overall benefits package, EF will contribute towards health insurance, should you choose our recommended supplier. You can attend free monthly teacher events, an employee discount scheme, sponsored professional qualifications.

TEFL Requirements

To be eligible to become a TEFL teacher in China, you will need to meet the following requirements of the legal working visa:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in any subject
  • Have a TEFL certification (sponsorship is available)
  • Be able to teach English abroad for at least one year
  • Be able to obtain a clear background check
  • Be from the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Australia, Canada,  New Zealand or South Africa.
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