Teaching English to Adults

Teaching English to adults at our English First schools is a professional experience you will never forget. Our state-of-the-art centers are stocked with the resources you need to make sure your job as an ESL teacher is easy and fun.  Whether it’s discussing childhood memories or how to play sports, the students will love the topics you teach because it allows them to share their stories, opinions and futures in a universal language.

Teaching English to Adults in an Immersive English environment

Our local schools in China focus on creating an English environment that encourages students to use a foreign language without traveling far from home. Classes are taught using a learn – try – apply method. It works for our adult students. First, they take a class online to learn vocabulary. Second, they try this new language skill in a classroom with a teacher (that’s you!) and lastly, they apply it in what we call Life Clubs. These lessons are an out-of-classroom experience where a real-life scenario is created to encourage using language in a real way. Examples include wine tastings, soccer teams and debate clubs.

adult schools at English First

Eager students, easy-to-use lessons and various levels

Adult students are typically professionals over 18 years old who are interested in expanding their horizons by mastering the language skills while pursuing their careers or university studies. Doctors, businessmen and women, even stay-at-home parents all interact in our diverse classrooms. With our cutting-edge English teaching resources, our English language students have the flexibility to learn both in the classroom and online in their spare time. Teaching English to adults will allow you to conduct a mixture of medium-sized workshops, small face to face courses and medium to large life clubs, our antidote to using language in the real world, while still controlling the environment.

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