Teaching English in Medan

Medan is the capital of Indonesia’s North Sumatra province and is famed for being the gateway to western Indonesia. In recent years, the city has seen rapid development and growth. Large-scale infrastructural investments have led to vast improvements to the cities transport networks. The city now has a new airport, seaport and elevated railroad with more improvements in the pipeline.

Medan is close to the Barisan Mountains in the southern part of the city, as well as beautiful volcanic mountains like Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung which also offer spectacular views. It is known as the culinary heaven of Indonesia which is prominent for its street hawkers offering a great variety of cuisine and cheap local delicacies.

City Statistics

  • Population:  2.1 Million
  • Transportation: International airport, citywide train stations, large bus network, motorised rickshaws and pedicabs.
  • Language: Bahasa the official language of Indonesia as well as, Batek, Chinses and English.
  • Climate: Tropical rainforest climate
  • EF Medan Flagship school opened in 2000

What Makes Medan Unique?

  • Medan is home to the Great Mosque of Medan. Completed in 1909, this magnificent building combines Middle Eastern, Indian and Spanish elements designed by the famous Dutch architect Theodor Van Erp.
  • While in Medan, make sure you visit Tjong A Fie Mansion (“the jewel of Medan”). This beautiful mansion was once home to Tjong A Fie, a Chinese businessman and philanthropist who rose from modest circumstances to success achieving the highest honours from his home nation, and the Dutch East India Company.
  •  Enjoy a day at Pentai Cermin Themepark. The first water theme park in North Sumatra.
  • Medan is home to the diverse mix of cultures from Dutch, Malay and Chinese descent.
  • Enjoy the local speciality Chapati (or roti, unleavened flatbread) and Tandoori.
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