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Teaching English in Taizhou

Taizhou(台州) is the real China. It’s a modern city that maintains local character despite its quick development. Many foreigners are drawn to the city located on the eastern coast of China and they are pleasantly surprised to find that Taizhou is a great place to live.

Taizhou a very beautiful and nice place to live. The temperature here also changes within a pleasant range. Taizhou is a city of bright sunshine, warm breeze and breathtaking mountains. Seafood lovers will enjoy the fresh and cheap assortment of seafood.

From the lively street markets to the gorgeous mountains and night pubs, there is no shortage of beautiful sights. To get around the city, teachers can choose to use public transit or take a taxi, the rate of which starts at 6RMB – less than $1!

City Statistics

  • Population: 6 million
  • Public Transportation: 1 train station, 1 airport, hundreds of bus routes & taxis
  • Language: Mandarin, local dialects
  • Climate: Subtropical, with four distinct seasons
  • EF Taizhou Flagship opened in 2008

What Makes Taizhou Unique?

  • The nearby Linhai Ancient Great Wall is the only Great Wall in southern China still standing
  • Taizhou’s nightlife is considered live and vivid. From music pubs to clubs where you can dance the night away, there is something for everyone
  • EF Taizhou offers free Chinese lessons to our on-going foreign teachers, and the local staff here are welcoming and friendly. We have a family touch in the school, the local staff are very willing to help if you have any problems. With the often organized trips in Taizhou, you will find it is a great place to stay
  • If you enjoy living near the coast and seafood, you can’t miss Taizhou! The seafood here is affordable considered some of the best of China
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