Teaching English in Purwokerto

Purwokerto is a small city located in Central Java. It’s close proximity to both Yogyakarta and Solo ensures it remains on the itineraries of visitors looking to explore the traditional heart of this island. Purwokerto’s small size offers a slower pace of life and quieter atmosphere than either of Java’s cultural capitals.

It can be said that natural beauty is among Purwokerto’s most appealing qualities. Mt. Slamet and Baturraden park offer environmental enthusiasts opportunities to explore a side of Java far removed from the bright lights of Jakarta. Looking to get away from it all? This is quite likely the quaintest location we currently have to offer!

City Statistics

Population: 233,951
Public Transportation: Taxi, Ojek (motorcycle taxi), Becak (rickshaw), train (angkot) to get around town. Taking the train is popular for intercity travel.
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Climate: Tropical Rainforest, average temperature 30°C
Number of Schools: 1

What Makes Purwokerto Unique

  • Alun-alun
    Purwokerto’s central public square (Alun-Alun) is a popular meeting spot for locals. Streetfood vendors hawk their wares and children play under large banyan trees. Even after the sun goes down, this square remains a buzzing hub of activity.
  • Bank BRI Museum
    Located in the city center, Bank BRI Museum was built and dedicated to the Bank BRI’s founder, R.A. Wiriatmadja. It was first built as De Purwakertosche Hulp-en Spaar Bank der Inlandsche Bestuur Ambtenaren in 1895, by the then Dutch colonial government. Bank BRI now lays claim to being one of the largest banks in Indonesia, as well as the oldest! Visitors can examine numerous displays and exhibits detailing currency collections from the VOC (colonial Dutch) era up until present day.
  • Baturraden
    Just 15 km north of Purwokerto, Baturraden is a national park at the foot of Mt. Slamet volcano. Long popular with locals as a place to relax, this park has recently become a fixture on the Central Java tourist circuit. Tourists flock to Mt. Slamet’s slopes and camp in the foothills. Trekkers can bathe tired feet in Pancuran Telu and Pancuran Pitu, two natural hot springs in Baturraden.
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