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Teaching English in Nanning

Nanning is considered the “Green City” for good reason: it boasts of more than 3000 species of plant. Lush and filled with parks, Nanning looks and feels like a tropical city. Yet, it’s also a modern city; one that maintains its local character, despite its quick development. It is no wonder that people are drawn to Nanning, which is located in the Southern China, hours away from Vietnam.


The city is known to Chinese people as the center of science and technology, education, culture and health in the Guangxi Province. Altogether, there are 54 scientific institutes in Nanning. Therefore, Nanning has a young and vibrant feel making it a great place to make new friends and join a close-knit teacher community.


From the lively street markets to the gorgeous bridges crossing over the city’s two major rivers, there is no shortage of beautiful sights. To get around the city, teachers can choose to use public transport like the take a taxi or ride the bus, the rate of which starts at 2RMB – less than $.10!

City Statistics

  • Population: 6.6 million
  • Public Transportation: High speed rails to all major cities in China including links into Hong Kong and Vietnam, 2 subway lines, 1 international airport, hundreds of bus routes and taxis
  • Language: Cantonese, local dialects
  • Climate: Subtropical
  • EF Nanning Flagship opened in 2001

What Makes Nanning Unique?

  • Considered a major transit hub of China — teachers at English First can go to any of the major cities in and around China quickly and cheaply.
  • Situated in a hilly basin with two rivers, the Zuo and You rivers, giving it the nickname of “Little Nanjing”
  • Nanning’s nightlife is considered intimate. Here, you can find traditional western and local pubs that emphasize community. For those that enjoy dancing – no need to worry, Nanning has some great clubs that sometimes run throughout the night.
  • Qingxiu Mountain is mountain range the runs through Nanning and is one of the most popular spots to relax. Known for its diverse layout and exquisite serenity, Qingxiu Mountain is a must see.
  • Nanning is known as one of the tea drinking cities. People will normally take 2-hour lunches and have tea at 4 pm. If you like to move at a slower pace it is a great city to relax and enjoy life teaching English in China.
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