Moscow is a fast-paced mega-city known for being the political, financial and cultural capital of Russia. Over the years, Moscow has become a magnet for people from all walks of life seeking a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle with a historic charm.

The best way to understand Moscow is to meet the people and live the life of the locals. Moscow has had a turbulent past but has always found ways to reinvent itself over the years. The architecture alone tells a thousand stories. While living there, you’ll see modern skyscrapers, Soviet Era buildings, and medieval monuments. Teaching English in Moscow is an opportunity to experience everything the city has to offer.  The days of fur coats and finery seem to be drawing to an end. The new Moscow is all-encompassing. Home to street art, contemporary photography, bars filled with European ales and theatre.

City Statistics

  • Population: 12 million
  • Public Transportation: 4 international airports, 9 railway stations, 12 metro lines, 2 river terminals and hundreds of bus routes and taxis
  • Language: Russian
  • Climate: Continental climate with long cold winters and warm summers
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  • The Kremlin – the ancient heart of the city – was, and still is, the place where the powers of Russia resides. Adjacent to the Kremlin is Red Square with its unmistakable landmarks, such as Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin Mausoleum
  • Moscow Metro, one of the largest largest in the world, and the busiest in Europe. Apart from being a transportation system, the rich architecture of its 200+ stations makes it a prominent landmark too
  • There is a lot of parks you can find in Moscow. Gorky Park, a magnet for Moscow’s hip youth, offers leisure activities including cycling, rollerblading and, come winter, ice skating. Zaryadye, the newest addition to Moscow parks family offers its visitors unforgettable vistas from the “floating bridge” over the Moskva River.
  • Museums and Galleries can be found all over Moscow, offering everything from art in The Tretyakov Gallery to the Soviet Arcade Machines Museum.
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