One of the oldest cities in Russia (one hundred years older then Moscow), Kazan has owned an unofficial title of a “third capital” of Russia. Located on the border between Europe and Asia and inhabited by both Russian and Tatar population, it combines the best from both Christian and Muslim cultures.

For years, Kazan was a center of Higher Education in Russia, being a home for many Russian top universities. There is never a lack of demand for quality education services in Kazan – which includes demand for English teachers too.


  • Population: 1.2 million
  • Public Transportation: International airport, 1 line Metro, railways and a number of bus routes & taxis
  • Language: Russian, Tatar
  • Climate: Humid continental, with long, cold winters (colder than Moscow), and warm, often dry summers.


  • Boasting more than a 1000 years of history, Kazan is full of historical monuments from all epochs. Kazan Kremlin, Suyumbike Tower, cathedrals and mosques would share their secrets with anyone interested in Russian past.
  • Recently Kazan earned a reputation of a sporting capital of Russia. Home of numerous international sporting events, it attracts athletes from all part of Russia as well as from neighboring countries.
  • For the city of its size, Kazan’s cultural life is extremely rich. It hosts a number of festivals during the year – ranging from Russian and Muslim folklore culture events, to jazz and theater weeks.
  • Bauman Street is a pedestrian zone with museums, statues, boutiques and restaurants became a prominent landmark, as well as a perfect spot to hang out. Guess what, there is an EF school on Bauman Street too!
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