Teaching English in Jember provides teachers with the opportunity to live and work in a city with a unique socio-cultural framework which fosters creativity. Jember is famed for being an an artistic community, and is one of the most vibrant in the region. The highlight of the year in everyone’s social calendar is the annual Jember Fashion Carnival. The carnival is a must see for any expat or traveler in the region, even if fashion isn’t your thing.

When you’re not teaching, or enjoying the thriving cultural scene in Jember, you can be sure to enjoy the cities beauty. Jember borders the Indonesian ocean in the South and mountain ranges to the East and North. Beaches with beautiful views as well as spectacular waterfalls can be found throughout the region. Nearby Mount Ijen is renowned for breathtaking views and the blue flames that arise naturally from the sulfur mines.


  • Population: 2 Million
  • Public Transportation: Taxis, pedicabs (becak), minibuses (angkot), and motorcycle taxi’s (ojek) are all cheap ways to get around town.
  • Language: Bahasa Indonesia, Javanese, Madurese
  • Climate: Temperate Climate Zone, with average temperatures of 25
  • EF Jember Flagship opened in 2004

What Makes Jember Unique

  • Agro Tourism – Jember’s mild climate proved amenable to planters during the Dutch colonial period. Today, the region supports a variety of plantations and related agro-tourism industry.
  • Jember Fashion Carnaval – Modelled after the world-famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, this annual event features a parade of dancers in extravagant costumes. The festival caters to an international audience, with a heavy focus on showcasing the work of local designers. During the parade, Indonesia’s diversity is on display, with attempts to represent every region throughout the nation.
  • Tanjung Papuma Beach – White sands and clear waters make this beach the best place to relax. Tanjung Papuma is a popular picnic spot among Jember residents and local tourists from throughout the region. Best visited during the dry season (mid-year), this beach is a great place to enjoy grilled seafood and indulge in a spot of sunbathing.
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