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Teaching English in Hohhot

Hohhot is the capital of the province of Inner Mongolia and an interesting mix of Chinese and Mongolian culture. Evidence of the area’s rich history and its connection to Genghis Khan can be seen everywhere.

Hohhot is a relatively small city by Chinese standards, about the same size as Birmingham (the UK’s second city). Hohhot’s size means that it offers a wide range of amenities without feeling overcrowded and makes it possible to travel everywhere by bike or taxi.

Surrounded by grasslands, the air quality is also very good. The city itself is located on a plateau about 400km west of Beijing and has its own international airport.

Hohhot’s location makes it the ideal place to come if you wish to experience the ‘real’ China, while at the same time being within touching distance of Mongolia.

City Statistics

  • Population: 3 million
  • Public Transportation: 1 international airport, 2 train stations, hundreds of bus routes and taxis, plus you can rent bikes on the street
  • Language: Mandarin, local Mongol dialect
  • Climate: Semi-arid climate
  • EF Hohhot opened in 2007

What Makes Hohhot Unique?

  • Hohhot is surrounded by beautiful Mongolian grasslands. Its very easy to spend a weekend exploring the vast open expanses, enjoying wide-open blue skies and gorgeous scenery.
  • People are very friendly and always interested in foreigners – be prepared to have your picture taken!
  • Hohhot favours a slower pace of life; most places take two-hour lunches – a part of life at EF English First
  • Most teachers never cook at home because it’s cheaper to eat out
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