Teaching English in Gresik

Teach English in Gresik and enjoy life in a small city located in East Java, approximately 25km away from the regional capital, Surabaya. While little known to international tourists, Gresik is a fixture on the domestic tourist circuit for travellers throughout Indonesia. Visitors flock to its numerous festivals including Festival Bandeng and Damar Kurung, as well as natural attractions like Gunung Kapur and Bukit Jamur, that lie within and just outside the city limits.

In stark contrast to large cities such as Jakarta and Surabaya, traffic is not a problem in Gresik. The area is also famous as an industrial powerhouse – many of the largest state-owned and private corporations operate factories just outside the Gresik city environs. The city’s port has been known as a famed regional centre of trade for centuries, earning it a mention in commercial documents dating as far back as the 1500s. Gresik is also well known for its many coffee shops, catering to its large student population.

City Statistics

  • Population: 1.2 Million
  • Public Transportation: Taxis, Buses, Minibuses (Angkot), Motorcycle taxi (Ojek)
  • Language: Bahasa, Indonesia, Javanese
  • Climate: Tropical Rainforest Climate, average temperatures of 28.5°C
  • Number of Schools: One EF Flagship school

What Makes Gresik Unique?

Pasar Bandeng – At Pasar Bandeng or “Milkfish Market”, visitors can attend the annual Festival Bandeng, where fisherman compete to catch the biggest fish.
Otak Otak Bandeng – This local delicacy is a must try for visitors. Tourists come from all over Indonesia to sample this unique cuisine.
Kota Santri – Gresik is known throughout Indonesia as “Kota Santri” or the Islamic Student City
Gunung Kapur – In English “Chalk Mountain”, this area is famous for fantastic vistas. The man-made reliefs (the result of decades of mining) make for particularly Instagrammable photos.
Bukit Jamur – Also known as “Mushroom hill” is another site nearby Gresik, famous for uniquely shaped stone “sculptures”.
Damar Kurung – This annual festival showcases iconic lamps from around the area. Each lamp tells a story, related to the surrounding region.

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