Teaching English in Asia

Teaching English in Asia

Teaching English in Asia allows you to have an exciting, unknown, mysterious, enticing and overall amazing experience. China is a place where you not only find and explore a new culture, but you get to find yourself and what you are truly made of.

If you are looking for a place filled with adventure, culture, heritage and everything in between – China is the place for you.



The majority of apartments are fully furnished, which makes life abroad much simpler. Here in China, housing can vary from what you might be used to. Some things that might surprise include no oven, central AC/heating or dryers. However, every room has a small A/C unit that works well. You can find many housing options online, go directly to a housing agency or ask a local colleague for help. Spend some time looking around and comparing, and take the neighbourhood and its surroundings into consideration…but don’t take too long! Too many options often lead to confusion and delaying your decision on where to live while teaching English in Asia.


Holidays/Travel While Teaching English in Asia

Be sure to have your camera handy wherever you go in China, even if it’s on your way to work! One of the best things about teaching English in Asia is you never know what scene you might stumble on. People here are very proud of their city or province from which they come from – be sure to ask them for recommendations. Getting off the beaten tourist path rewards travellers greatly. China has many holidays and this is a great excuse to explore the country you have become part of.



It can be an exciting time in your life while teaching English abroad. The great thing in this day and age is the availability of Apps such as translators and beginner language lessons both free (like Chinese Town at EF English First!) Even if you don’t take classes you will still pick up a few words here and there. It is OK to come to China and not know the language beforehand, so don’t let this discourage you. If you’re teaching English in Indonesia, then it will also help to learn a few new words. The truth is though, while you teach English in Asia, you’ll find that you naturally pick up new words here or there and you’ll get by just fine. 



When you start teaching English in Asia, remember to respect where you are. Chinese locals might be very fun people and like to have foreign friends, but remember to treat them and their home with respect. It is OK to miss home but this is no reason to constantly compare and judge what you experience in China with where you are from. Remember that you are still a foreigner but if you respect their culture, learn how to eat with chopsticks and embrace their culture – they will respect you just the same, sometimes more.


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