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Teaching English in China Salary and Benefits

Before you start teaching English in China, it is important to learn more the salary and benefits that come with your new teaching job. It is important to remember at this point, that if you are going to move to China, it’s not a good idea to convert the Chinese salary into your home country’s currency. Despite China’s rapid advancement in recent years, China is still developing, which means the cost of living is much lower than most western countries.

Most entry-level teaching jobs will provide you with enough money to cover the cost of living, leaving money left over for travel, leisure, saving and loan repayments. No company can promise you the earth, the money you have left over is dependent on your lifestyle, and you can enjoy a comfortable life in China, just don’t expect to enjoy fine dining and luxury vacations on a regular basis.

Teaching In China Salary

Kids and Teens Teacher Salary

As a kids and teens teacher, you can enjoy a rewarding job with a competitive salary. Depending on your experience and qualifications, you can earn up to 16,400 RMB per month. For most entry-level teaching positions. You can expect to be in class for 25 hours per week, with office hours for lesson planning and training.
The full salary can be broken down as follows:

  • 12,000 – 15,000 RMB based on qualifications
  • 8,000 RMB flight allowance
  • Performance bonus after 6 months up to 1,950 RMB per month
Teaching English in China Benefits Package and Salary


For adult and online English teachers, the base salary is similar to that of a kids and teens teacher. However, the bonus structure is slightly different. You may be eligible for performance bonus after your first year which is dependent on your annual review. Adult teachers can expect to teach 25 classes per week. At the online centre, you can slightly more classes, but much shorter with more time for feedback and other projects.
The salary can be broken down as follows.

  • 12,000 – 15,000 RMB based on qualifications
  • 8,000 RMB flight allowance
  • Contract renewal performance bonus

EF ENGLISH FIRST Benefits Package

As well as a regular teaching salary with EF, you can also expect a comprehensive benefits package that will help you to get more out of your new TEFL job. It doesn’t matter where you are teaching, you can expect the following support:

  • Sponsored legal Z-working Visa
  • Airport pick up on arrival
  • 2 weeks paid hotel stay
  • 12,000 RMB salary advance to help you start life in China
  • Health Insurance
  • ESL certification programs including Cambridge TKT, Trinity CertTESOL, Trinity DipTESOL and Trinity DELTM
  • Free Mandarin Chinese lessons
  • Weekly EF sponsored social events
  • Teacher advantages discount scheme
  • Job rotation scheme
Salaries and Career Advancement

Career Advancement

If you’re looking for a longer term career in English teaching, or at least open to the prospect, you have come to the right place. EF English First is a global company that prides itself on hiring from within and helping teachers grow.
As an English teacher, you will have the opportunity to progress to Senior Teacher, Education Manager and even Regional Manager.
If you’re looking for something outside of teaching, but still in the education industry, you could help us design our award-winning syllabus, or create content and teaching materials.
We also have job openings in central support. After a year, you could move into recruitment, marketing or even training and development for new teachers. The opportunities are endless, and not to mention global.

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