Teachers at EF English First

Teachers at English First are the heart and soul of EF. Whether helping students or each other, there is a sense of community at every school that you won’t find elsewhere. Altering lesson plans to suit students’ needs, organizing city-wide teacher events or attending team building events are just a few of the ways that our teachers stand out from the crowd.

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Testimonials from Teachers at EF English First

Teachers at EF English first are encouraged to share their experience any chance they get. Whether it’s on social media, a review site or even in a video interview. Testimonials are a key component of how we ensure teachers are getting what they need when they need it. Take a look at some of our teachers’ thoughts and see what it’s like to work at English First from the people who experience it.

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Teacher Events

Whether it’s attending a teacher training session or going to a jazz night with colleagues, English First has committed itself to making teachers experiences abroad as fun and beneficial as possible. Teachers at EF have access to all these events and more professional type conferences as well.

English Students at EF

Our Students

Work with students who care about their learning. Kids and Teens love their teachers like family, while students at Adults centers often become close friends with their teachers, taking the learning experience outside of the classroom and into the real world.

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