Teach Kids & Teens at EF English First

Teaching English at our kids and teens schools will allow you to grow professionally and embrace the energetic spirit of young learners. You will love getting to know your students because they are fully engaged, playful and eager to learn. Kids at English First are considered part of our Small Star and High Flyer levels, while teens are classified as either Trailblazers or Front Runners. Each course has levels and coursebooks to accompany their level and stage.

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Teach Kids & Teens

Our kids and teens students range in age from 3 years to 18 years. English First has designed its own language teaching curriculum to meet the needs of students of different age groups as they grow. The English First curriculum for young English language students is divided into four stages to cover all the fundamentals of English language while indulging the student’s individual curiosity to learn. You will teach kids and teens with a passion for ESL education and be rewarded with the smiling faces of young learners understanding a new language. Our locations are spread across Asia from Russia to China and Indonesia, so no matter your country preference you will find adorable children waiting to learn from you.

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The students give me great joy and happiness with their capabilities of learning the language of English. They enjoy making crafts and most of all speaking English. My kids love to repeat everything that is spoken in class!
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