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 Teach English with EF English First at one of our English Language schools in China, and we will pay for your flight. All positions come with comprehensive benefits packages and competitive local salaries. Click here to learn more.

What to teach at EF English First

Jobs at EF English First encourage you to teach English in various classroom formats, including face-to-face classes, either one to one or in small groups. Structured workshops for larger groups, and online tutorials. You’ll improve students English language ability with provided lessons and your own creative input. Have fun in a work environment that crosses cultural boundaries, breaks language barriers and encourages social activity in and out of the classroom. Today, barriers of language, culture and geography divide people around the world. Teaching English with EF will break down those barriers not only for you but also for your students. The programs and courses we offer our students truly change lives. By teaching English abroad with EF, you can help people of all nationalities and ages get better jobs, participate in the global economy and become citizens of the world.

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Teach English as a Second Language

  • ESL stands for English as a Second Language. By teaching local students how to speak your native language, they’ll learn how to be a global communicator, like yourself.
  • You’ll see progress in your students and yourself every day. ESL jobs are unlike any other because the encourage constant communication and permanent success.
  • Teach English and encourage others to speak a global language which increases the likelihood for career growth and cultural understanding.
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TEFL Certificates

  • TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, but is often used to describe the basic-level certification qualifying someone to teach ESL.
  • You will need a TEFL before you arrive to teach English at EF, but we can help you complete a course free of charge.
  • TEFL courses offer teachers the chance to work with the fundamental knowledge of ESL and how to use the classroom to your advantage.
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Teaching Qualifications

  • Teaching English with EF is not only an excellent way to see the world and enjoy new experiences, but you can also develop and progress professionally. One of the best ways to do this is to enrol in one of EF’s teacher qualifications courses.
  • EF offers a broad range of teaching and management-related qualifications to help you succeed and advance in your career. Many of our courses come with sponsorships, and many others are free. These qualifications will help you develop the skills you need to climb the ladder within EF or teach anywhere in the world.

About Teachers at EF English First

EF Teachers have an infectious spirit. Whether it’s helping a student pronouncing new vocabulary or exploring their city, we all embrace the enjoyment and spontaneity that comes along with working abroad. Teaching abroad with EF gives you the perspective and confidence to help you reach your goals.

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