How to Teach English Abroad and Live the Life of a Blogger

This is a subject close to my heart. Well, ok the ‘writing’ part, and that is what a blogger does or is, ‘a writer’. For me I think there is a storyteller in all of us, though some of us find it easier to put the story in words on paper, or in our case on the world wide web.

Truly this is a no brainer, as they say. I work at EF, which is an international company based in Switzerland with home offices worldwide including the US and China. EF has a couple of blogs and I work for the China/Indonesia/Russia team which has a dedicated blog and a bevy of writers.

So, first check with the company you are working for, and learn if they have an opportunity to share your experiences through a blog. You could even share your photos along with your experiences and truly the subject matter is limitless.

Next, branch out and begin sharing your writing with other industry specific sites; in our case it would be other ESL/EFL sites. All these sites are hungry for writers to share their insights and experiences with their readers.

Teach English Abroad and Live the Life of a Blogger? You've got this!

Now getting paid for your writing is another story. I am currently writing for 4 blogs. I’m getting the by-line and I’m in line for in-kind compensation on two of the blogs, which means for coupons or gift certificates. But the being paid in $, or ¥, or any other currency has eluded me to date. When I search on the internet, I see may people ‘selling’ information on how to make money blogging, and I feel at this time, it takes more time and effort to actually earn hard cash for our efforts writing. The folks I’ve read are ‘selling’ their secrets and how they earned money – well, duh, it is those willing to pay for the information that is honestly lining the pockets of those folks.

I’m not a naysayer and I feel anything is possible. So, keep at it, this writing thing! For me, I am a storyteller and wordsmith at heart, so writing is just a part of my being (paid or not). There is the historical truth about artists, writers included, that includes steep dues being paid before we will earn a penny. Luckily for me, writing is my passion and my pleasure, which eludes to the fact I have income from another source.

With our passions, like writing or any other art form, when it is a passion paid or not, we must continue and soldier on with our passion. Personally, for me, sharing insights and experiences with someone else is my true intention. When I earn income from writing, boy howdy, I will celebrate and share that tidbit, too! Keep the dream alive being you and doing your passion!



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Susan is an American woman living a dream — a dream to live and work in community in different countries! Several years in to her journey, she has found her home-away-from-home, while learning more about herself, more about the world, and building bridges through common language as an ESL teacher with EF Kids and Teens in Taizhou, Zheijiang, China. #Livin’aDreamInChina!

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