Teaching and Travelling in Indonesia

How To Teach and Travel in Indonesia For as little as Possible

You can teach and travel in Indonesia and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Okay, at first glance, moving overseas can seem like an intimidating prospect. The idea of travelling across an ocean, uprooting yourself and trying to carve out space in an entirely unknown locale might be an overwhelming prospect. If that isn’t enough, you have to think about money. Will you have enough to enjoy life and travel? After all, that is one of the main reasons to move abroad. The answer to this big question is yes. If you follow this post, you will be able to travel on an English teacher’s salary and even have some cash left over to save for a rainy day.


Make a budget!

This is the number one tip I can give you. Make a budget and stick to it! Each month, I take my salary and split it into thirds. 1/3 goes straight to my savings account. Another third is kept aside for any outstanding debts. The last third I use for my living expenses (rent, food, insurance, etc…). After my essential expenses are taken care of, anything remaining goes into the travel fund. (Free!) Apps like Toshl, Mint, or Google Wallet allow you to easily record and track your expenses.


Eat Cheap!

Inexpensive culinary options are readily available throughout Indonesia. Whether it’s a street side stall selling Gorengan (fried treats) or a Padang themed warung, you rarely need to spend more than IDR 50,000 (USD 3.75) to fill your belly.


Stay small!

When travelling, staying smaller is generally cheaper. Bunking for a few nights with a hostel full of fellow travellers will be quite a sight cheaper than renting out your own villa or staying at a luxury hotel. Hostel World is a good place to start when trying to find your next cheap getaway.

Travelling In Indonesia


Travel locally!

Indonesia is blessed with a multitude of breathtaking domestic destinations. With over 17,000 islands to explore, you’ll never be lost for trip ideas in this world’s largest archipelago. When travelling within this beautiful country, do as the locals do. Using websites like Airy Rooms and Traveloka can save you a boatload of cash. Most sites are available in English, but the best deals can be found in the local language. Time to brush up on your Bahasa Indonesia!


Treat yourself!

Much like during a diet, you may be tempted to take a cheat day every now and again. Embrace the temptation, and enjoy it! Make reservations at a 5-star resto, check out that new nightclub, or splurge on a night’s stay at the Shangri-La. Let loose, but keep it within reason. I try to limit these kinds of expenses to twice a month.


Stick to these steps, and you’ll be seeing spectacular sunsets and bathing on beautiful beaches while teaching in Indonesia in no time!



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